5 ways your business can benefit from Villo

September 10, 2020

From streamlining your sign in process, meeting health & safety requirements, enhancing security and more, see 6 ways your business can benefit from Villo

Streamline your sign-in process
With Villo, signing in to your workplace becomes a simple, streamlined process. Your visitors will be able to tap their way through Villo’s user-friendly sign-in experience quickly and easily. 

Showcase your brand
Villo empowers you to infuse your brand into the sign-in experience. You can customise Villo with your brand colours and logo, and upload a welcome video for visitors to watch.

Step up security
Keeping track of who is in the building at all times is a challenge for any business, especially SMEs with limited resources and long priority lists. With Villo, you can easily check to see who is in your building, when they arrived and the reason they’ve given for the purpose of their visit.

Comply with health and safety rules

Villo’s digital visitor log is an up-to-date, searchable and easily retrievable list of visitors, making contact tracing be a much easier process for your business and health authorities. Villo also gives you the option to ask health-related screening questions to ensure none of your visitors have been ill in the past 14 days.

Keep it contactless

You can set Villo up so that the entire sign-in process is completely touchless, requiring no physical contact between people — or even between people and shared devices. Villo gives you the option to create a unique QR code that you can print and display in your building, so visitors can sign in by simply scanning the QR code on their phone.

Free up valuable time

Your receptionist and administrative staff have enough on their plates without maintaining a physical visitor log or tracking every delivery to your workplace. Villo automatically maintains a digital log of all visitors and deliveries, freeing up staff time and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

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