Get started with Villo in 4 simple steps

September 10, 2020

Ready to implement a visitor management system in your business? See how you can get Villo set up and ready to go in just 4 simple steps

Villo may be a cutting-edge, comprehensive visitor management system, but setting it up couldn’t be any easier! We've create 4 simple steps to help you get started. Simply follow the steps outlined below or download our set up guide here and you could be ready to start using Villo in just 10 minutes or less.

Before you jump in, please make sure you’re all set in terms of hardware: to run Villo, you’ll need an iPad and a tablet stand. Villo is also compatible with Android tablets, but we recommend the use of an iPad for optimal performance and user experience.


  1. Fill in your account information.
    Log in to your Villo dashboard and fill in your organisation’s information in the relevant fields. This is also where you can view and adjust your account settings.

  2. Download the Villo iPad app.
    Go into the App Store on your iPad and search for ‘Villo - Register’. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you can start connecting your iPad; this will serve as your dedicated sign-in tablet.

  3. Connect an iPad.
    The iPad will allow your visitors to sign in to Villo even if they don’t have the Villo app installed on their own phones.

  1. Customise your sign-in experience.
    Navigate to the “Customise” tab in your dashboard. Here you’ll find instructions on how to tailor the sign-in experience to your organisation. You can include your organisation’s logo and branding, and upload documents for your visitors to read or sign.

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to offer a memorable sign-in experience for your visitors, and stress-free visitor and delivery management for your staff. If you’d like to get even more out of Villo, keep reading and follow the extra steps to elevate your visitor management journey to a whole new level. 

  1. Add your employees
    You can either manually add or import your employee list straight into Villo through your dashboard once logged in. This gives visitors a face to a name for who they are visiting and allows employees to be notified when they have a visitor or delivery. 

  1. Create a custom QR code for your organisation.
    You can use Villo to generate a custom QR code that your visitors can use to sign in. Simply print the QR code, display it in a prominent location, and ask your visitors to scan it with their phones for quick, contactless sign-in.

  1. Encourage your staff and visitors to download the Villo ID mobile app.
    Although an iPad is all you need to run Villo, using a shared device can be tricky. It will need to be cleaned often to ensure that visitors feel safe using it, even with easy access to hand sanitiser. Along with the QR code mentioned above, downloading the Villo ID app allows visitors and staff to access Villo without using a shared device. 

  1. Upload a video or images to share with your visitors.
    Customising your sign-in experience doesn’t end with applying your organisation’s branding. You can also upload a video or images for your visitors to watch. This could be almost anything: a safety information video, a vibrant introduction to your organisation or a music video produced by your staff. It’s entirely up to you.

  2. Set up visitor screening questions.
    Want to add an extra layer of security to your sign-in process? You can add screening questions to your sign-in flow, for example asking visitors about the reason for their visit, or whether they’ve been ill in the past 14 days. These questions could provide a little extra peace of mind for your staff and visitors, and help you capture information you might need later on for contact tracing.

If you are interested in getting Villo for your workplace have any more questions about setting up Villo for the first time, check out our Help Centre or reach out to us through our Support page. We’d be happy to support you through the setup process.

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