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February 25, 2021

Ready to feel confident about welcoming employees back into the workplace? Read on to see how Villo’s visitor management system can help

Easily track staff movements
The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, perhaps permanently. We’re all aware of the importance of washing our hands, socially distancing (or wearing masks when distancing is not possible), and keeping a record of our movements for contact tracing purposes. In addition to using government-provided COVID tracer apps, it’s also important for your organisation to have a full overview of the movements of your staff in and out of your workplace.

Avoid the pitfalls of manual visitor logs
A manual, paper-based sign-in document like a guest book or visitor log carries the risk of cross contamination from shared pens and pages. It might also contain inaccurate or missing information, like a missing timestamp or an illegible, scribbled name. It’s also a security risk, since visitors, delivery people and other non-staff members could easily gain access to the information in the sign-in document, potentially seeing the full names, job titles and telephone numbers of your staff. In addition, paper-based sign-in documents are not always stored or disposed of securely, meaning that outsiders could access them with very little effort.

Offer a seamless digital sign-in experience

None of these issues are present when you use a digital visitor management system (VMS) like Villo. A VMS is the ultimate tool for managing staff sign-in, which has multiple business benefits, including giving staff a more modern and secure way to “clock in” to their workplace and maintain an accurate record of their movements at work. This record would be absolutely vital in an emergency situation, where speed and accuracy can literally save lives, and no one can afford to mess around with a paper-based sign-in document or guesstimate the number of people in the building.

It’s also a way to reinforce that your office is leveraging technology to help improve efficiency and save time across the organisation. For example, you could use Villo to track the response of staff to flexible work-from-home policies. You could potentially compare the number of on-site staff to staff who are working from home, and make future policy decisions based on those figures. If you discover that, say, 80% of your staff choose to work from home on Fridays, you might choose to shut the physical office on Fridays, saving money on power, water, cleaning, food and beverages, which could then be spent on other priorities. Of course, this might not be viable for your industry, and may not translate into massive cost savings even if it is viable. However, in the current economic climate and widespread uncertainty about the future, any savings at all can be valuable. 

With Villo, you can try out the advantages of using a VMS for staff sign-in for an entire month, entirely free. Signing up takes a few minutes, and requires no credit card or commitment. Click here to get started and give your staff the option of quick, easy, seamless sign-in today.

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