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September 11, 2020

Every visit starts with the sign in experience, so why not start it showcasing your company's brand. See how you can achieve this and more with Villo

The value of a vibrant brand
Your brand is an essential element of your business. It encapsulates your core identity as an organisation. It communicates your values and culture in a highly visual, recognisable way. And a vibrant brand can make a powerful first impression, giving customers an additional point of differentiation to focus on when they’re choosing between your business and your competitors. 

Protecting the bottom line

Brand awareness can have a real, practical effect on your bottom line. A McKinsey business branding study found that businesses with brands that are perceived to be strong generate a higher EBIT margin than competitors. In 2012, strong brands outperformed weak brands by 20 percent. So it’s important to ensure your brand is visible to everyone: customers, partners, clients, visitors and interviewees. With Villo, you can customise the sign-in experience for your visitors and ensure that you showcase your brand on a daily basis. Choose your brand colours and see them reflected throughout the sign-in process, and upload your logo along with supporting images to highlight your organisational culture. 

Create a custom sign-in experience

Villo even gives you the option to upload a video for all of your visitors to watch. This could be any work-appropriate video: e.g. a brief introduction to your business, a recorded greeting from the founder or CEO, or an informative video about COVID-19 health and safety practices. It provides an additional channel for your corporate messaging, giving you a chance to share your mission and vision; or an avenue for entertainment, allowing you to help visitors relax before they enter the next meeting or interview. 

Make the first impression count

We’ve all heard the old adage that you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression. Customising the sign-in experience allows you to create a lasting and memorable first impression, which could be absolutely vital in shaping how your visitors, partners and clients perceive your business. With Villo, there’s no need to settle for a generic sign-in experience that could have been offered by any other business. Customisation gives you the level of freedom and flexibility you need to make a real impression on your visitors, and signal that your business takes pride in its brand.

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