Why your business needs a Visitor Management System

September 10, 2020

First impressions count - so why not start your visitor experience from the moment they walk in. See how you can with Villo

Touchless sign-in and visitor tracking
One of the easiest ways to ensure that visitors to your workplace are greeted warmly but safely is to implement a visitor management system, or VMS. Villo is a digital VMS that allows you to provide a QR code for your visitors to use when they sign in. Simply print and display your organisation’s unique QR code in a prominent location, and your visitors can scan the code with their phones to sign in quickly, easily and safely.

Lighten the load at reception

Villo also frees up your reception staff to focus on other tasks. They can still be the vital friendly face that greets your visitors and relaxes the trembling candidates coming in for their first job interview. But they’re no longer responsible for keeping a guestbook or visitor log, phoning up the right person to let them know that their visitor has arrived, or keeping track of beverage orders. Because Villo does all that for them. 

Offer a branded first impression

Villo also offers the opportunity to ensure that your sign-in experience truly reflects the personality of your organisation. Replace the warmth of a handshake with a warm on-screen greeting, a range of delicious beverage choices, and vibrant branding that embodies your team spirit.

Inform and entertain visitors

In addition to customising the sign-in experience with your organisation’s logo, Villo allows you to upload a short video and image to greet new visitors. This opens up new avenues for connecting with your visitors as they sign in. Whether you’d prefer an animated short film reenacting the history of your business or a safety video pointing out the nearest exits and fire escapes, Villo gives you the freedom to make sure every visitor sees it.

Try before you buy

Villo offers a no-strings-attached free trial, allowing you to use Villo for 30 days at no charge. Signing up is quick and easy, and doesn’t require a credit card. Click here to get started today!

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