Why your Agency needs a Visitor Management System

February 24, 2021

Ready to put your company's branding first with Villo's sleek and stylish Visitor Management System? Read on to find out how.

Protect visitors and employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has made health and safety a key concern for many organisations, and your agency is probably not an exception. As employees, visitors and clients start to physically visit your agency on a regular basis again, you’ll no doubt want to implement measures to protect them. 

In addition to hand sanitiser dispensers, mask use and social distancing, one of the most effective ways to protect people visiting your agency is to replace manual sign-in with a digital visitor management system (VMS). Using a VMS like Villo ensures an entirely digital, contactless sign-in experience for your staff and visitors.

Provide customised, contactless sign-in

Villo offers the opportunity to showcase your agency’s branding through a customised sign-in experience, featuring your brand colours, logo and tone of voice. You could even upload a short video for visitors to watch as they sign in. This could be any work-appropriate video of your choosing, like an introduction to your agency or a showreel highlighting your latest and greatest work. It allows you to provide a QR code for visitors and staff to use when they sign in. Villo generates the QR code for you; all you have to do is print and display it in a prominent location, and your visitors can scan the code with their phones to sign in safely and easily. They won’t need to risk cross-infection from using a shared pen to sign a paper visitor log or guestbook. 

Improve on-site security
When visitors sign into your agency using Villo, it automatically logs the correct time and date of entry, and captures all the essential information you need from your staff and visitors for safety and contact tracing purposes. This data is securely stored and can quickly be retrieved by authorized staff at your agency.When paired with a printer, Villo also allows your visitors to print badges featuring their photograph and full name, ensuring that they’re never wandering around the premises without some form of photo ID. Additionally, you can use Villo to upload documents for your visitors to review and sign, from NDAs to a list of your updated health and safety practices. 

Show off your design focus
It’s all part of Villo’s ability to help you make a great first impression on visitors, including potential new clients. The entire system is designed to be seamless, intuitive and easy to use. In fact, we took that goal so seriously that it earned Villo the distinction of being the only VMS nominated at the 2020 NZ Best Design Awards. With Villo, you can even customise a range of offerings for your visitors: including beverages, disposable masks, or even a choice of branded merchandise to take home with them as a gift. 

If you’d like to try Villo and see whether it would be a good fit for your organisation, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

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