Why your Office needs a visitor management system

March 8, 2021

Get rid of the paper back visitor book and start welcoming employees and visitors the 21st century way with Villo

Replace manual sign-in systems 

With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the risk of infection in shared, enclosed spaces, most offices are implementing measures to maintain safe, sanitary conditions for employees and visitors. These include hand sanitiser dispensers, social distancing and mask use. But one of the least obvious measures is also potentially one of the most effective: replacing manual sign-in with a VMS, or visitor management system to provide an entirely digital, contactless sign-in experience for your staff and visitors.

Offer contactless sign-in

Villo allows you to provide a QR code for visitors and staff to use when they sign in. Simply print and display your organisation’s unique QR code, and your visitors can scan the code with their phones to sign in safely and easily. Villo automatically logs the correct time and date of entry, and captures all the essential information you need from your staff and visitors for security and contact tracing purposes.

Free up your reception staff
With a digital VMS, you can free up your reception staff to focus on other tasks. They can still be the key point of contact for visitors to your office. But with a VMS, they’re no longer burdened with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a guestbook or visitor log, notifying staff members that a visitor has arrived, or keeping track of beverage orders. Villo will do all of that for them.

Visitor badges and health screenings

When paired with a printer, Villo allows visitors to print badges featuring their photograph and full name, ensuring that visitors are never wandering around your premises without some form of photo identification. Additionally, you can use Villo to upload documents for your visitors to review and sign, from NDAs to a list of your updated health and safety practices. Villo even enables you to conduct health screenings, by asking visitors relevant questions and automatically denying entry to anyone who doesn’t meet your criteria.

Offer a customisable experience

Villo also offers the opportunity to showcase your company’s branding through a customised sign-in experience, featuring your brand colours, logo, tone of voice and more. Choose a unique, friendly greeting, and upload a short video for visitors to watch. This opens up new avenues for entertaining, informing and educating visitors as they’re signing in. You can also customise a range of offerings for your visitors. Whether you’d like to offer your visitors a choice of beverages, or the opportunity to request a disposable mask, Villo makes it easy.

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