Tired of missing deliveries?

From just $15 a month, Villo handles all incoming deliveries for you, notifying your employees and saving reception precious time that could be better spent elsewhere

Contactless delivery management

Make sign in sheets and shared pens a thing of the past. With Villo, contactless deliveries are quick and easy for couriers and stress-free for you.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer

Automatic delivery notifications for staff

When a parcel arrives, recipients will instantly recieve a delivery notification via one of Villo’s many messaging integrations.

Need a signature? 
No worries!

Secure pick-up and drop off for parcels with optional signatures.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
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Illustration of an iPad showing 6 visitors

Manage Visitors

Easily check in visitors, notify hosts and manage capacity for a better visitor experience with Villo

Easy Integrations

Keep the workplace running smoothly by connecting one or more of our Villo integrations
Icon of a phone showing a QR code

Touchless Sign In

Touchless sign in is intuitive and easy to use, getting your visitors through the door without any risk

Great First Impressions

Every visit starts with a sign in experience, why not start it by showcasing your company’s brand?

Delivery Management

Take care of your workplace's incoming deliveries and notify employees, saving you time

Security & Compliance

We’ve designed special features to strengthen your security and COVID compliance, while offering an amazing sign in experience