Make sure your workplace is safe, compliant and secure

At Villo, we share your priorities - like keeping everyone at the office healthy and safe. That’s why we’ve designed special features to strengthen your security and COVID compliance, while offering an amazing sign-in experience, all from just $15 a month

A detailed visitor logs with photos and contact details

First impressions are important, and are only made once. Villo’s seamless sign in can capture all the important paperwork while giving your visitors a personalised and branded experience.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer

Know who your visitors are with Photo ID and badges

Capture photo ID for each guest along with their details and any required forms. Connect and print visitor badges on arrival for every guest so you know who’s on site and who they’re visiting.

Get instant notifications for visitor (and delivery) arrivals

Visitors won’t be left waiting or wandering around the building unattended with Villo. Staff will be instantly notified when a visitor signs in to see them via one of our messaging methods.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer

Ensure forms are signed on arrival for compliance

Villo’s beautiful and intuitive interface makes your companies brand shine while still making sure you’re crossing the ‘t’ and dotting the ‘i’ and still operating a secure and compliant workplace.

We store your data with great safety and security.

We understand that security of data is important and we’re committed to ensuring that Villo is compliant with your security needs. All information, including personal visitor data and images are stored safely with us and out of the public’s eye.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
How we manage security & compliance with Villo
Illustration of an iPad showing 6 visitors

Manage Visitors

Easily check in visitors, notify hosts and manage capacity for a better visitor experience with Villo

Easy Integrations

Keep the workplace running smoothly by connecting one or more of our Villo integrations
Icon of a phone showing a QR code

Touchless Sign In

Touchless sign in is intuitive and easy to use, getting your visitors through the door without any risk

Great First Impressions

Every visit starts with a sign in experience, why not start it by showcasing your company’s brand?

Delivery Management

Take care of your workplace's incoming deliveries and notify employees, saving you time

Employee Sign In

Keep tabs of employees on site, enforce capacity limits and give your team peace of mind