Seamless and touchfree sign in for every visitor and employee

From just $15 a month, experience touchfree, intuitive sign in that gets everyone through the door safely

Scan on your mobile to sign in without touching a thing!

Have visitors or employees sign themselves in on arrival with their personal mobile phones. Simply scan the QR code, fill out the details and they’re ready to go. Staff can also sign in guests via the Villo dashboard to keep them germ-free.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer

Know who’s who with printable visitor badges

Capture photo ID for each guest along with their details and any required forms. Connect and print visitor badges on arrival for every guest so you know who’s on site and who they’re visiting. Hosts will be automatically notified that their guest has arrived.

Smarter, faster sign-in with Villo ID

The free Villo ID app allows visitors to quickly and easily sign in using their own device. Their credentials are stored for repeat visits.
Staff can use the app to receive notifications of new customer arrivals and deliveries.
An illustration of a Villo tablet and printer
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Illustration of an iPad showing 6 visitors

Manage Visitors

Easily check in visitors, notify hosts and manage capacity for a better visitor experience with Villo

Employee Sign In

Keep tabs of employees on site, enforce capacity limits and give your team peace of mind

Great First Impressions

Every visit starts with a sign in experience, why not start it with your company’s brand?

Easy Integrations

Keep the workplace running smoothly by connecting one or more of our Villo integrations

Delivery Management

Take care of your workplace's incoming deliveries and notify employees, saving you time

Security & Compliance

We’ve designed special features to strengthen your security and COVID compliance, while offering an amazing sign in experience