A iPad, and iPhone showing an option to scan a QR code to sign in and a desktop dashboard showing how many people are signed in.

Seamless and touch-free sign in for every visitor and employee

Experience touch-free, intuitive sign in that gets everyone through the door safely from just $15/month. No dedicated devices needed. No credit card required.
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Smarter, faster sign-in with Villo ID

The free Villo ID app allows visitors to quickly and easily sign in using their own device. Their credentials are stored for repeat visits.
Staff can use the app to receive notifications of new customer arrivals and deliveries.

Scan on your mobile to sign in without touching a thing!

Your visitors or employees can sign in with their personal mobile phones, without needing to download any apps. They just have to scan the QR code with their cameras and fill out their details.

Screen employees for sickness on arrival

Require everyone who enters the workplace to awnser a screeing question on health and wellness. This question ensures everyone who enters the site is healthy, has not been recently sick and denies any that are entry automatically.

What our customers are saying

Eat my lunch logo
We love using Villo, it makes checking in visitors to both our sites so easy. Our whole sign in process is now simpler and more interactive for visitors.
Macallum B.
Logistics Manager, Eat My Lunch
The client and employee experience during a visit at Roam is hugely important. Customising Villo to feel like a Roam experience gives us great first impressions.
Ben Morreau
CDO, Roam Digital
Now we have a system which not only looks great and professional, but easily helps us to track volunteers on site, which is even more important these days.
Paul D.
Founder, Oke Charity
Easy to use and administer, user friendly interface. Very good support team, responsive and professional.
Francois B.
IT Support Manager, Dentsu Aegis
Easy to use, a great way to be able to sign in for visitors especially somewhere without a reception.
Donna M.
Market Sales Manager, Partstrader
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